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When you visit a day spa you will have the opportunity to choose a new beauty supply from a whole range of products. This is the perfect opportunity to stock up on some new treatments that will give you results at home. This is because the specialist will have had time to assess your skin and see exactly what it needs.

Sometimes when we walk into a pharmacy to buy a new beauty supply it can be a guessing game. We pick up products hoping they will have the desired results and often pay little attention to the contents. When it comes to your skin, the fewer chemicals you can use on it, the better. Most of the products that are available in a day spa will use the minimal amount of chemicals. You will also have the opportunity to be told first hand what you can expect from a product and how the ingredients react with your skin.

There are many beauty supply companies that pride themselves on being organic and using natural ingredients as alternatives to harsh chemicals. But you should always investigate the label because there is a difference between "natural" and "organic". A chemical can still be used on a natural product; the ingredient just came from a natural source. The way cosmetic companies word their products can be confusing, but the truth is always plainly stated on the list of ingredients. Learn to read the label of a product before you buy it.