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Welcome to All Season Day Spa. We have information on the mysteries of massage and the particulars of pampering. If it is in a spa and makes you feel fabulous, we know all about it. First things first, let's settle the dispute between the spa and the salon. On the surface they may appear to be very similar, after all, they offer similar beauty treatments and provide similar services. The difference is the length of time you spend there. In a spa you can spend all day, hence the name day spa. In fact, many spas will not provide a service that lasts less than two hours.

When you go to a day spa, the idea is to spend all day experiencing a full body revival. It is even possible to receive some minor nip and tuck while you are there as well. In addition to massage and cosmetic surgery beauty products such as Latisse can be offered at day spas.The salon has no real attire, but in the spa a dressing gown is mandatory. This lets you shed your stressed skin and surrender to the relaxation.

Speaking of skin, lets talk about massage. Looking at a day spa menu can seem like you are looking at a different language. Don't get lost in translation. Let's look at different types of massage and cosmetic products what they can do for you.

Hot stone massage

This type of massage does not just use hot stones, it uses cold stones as well. The stones will be submerged in aromatherapy oils and then placed on various parts of the body to relive pain. The hot stones will be made of lava that is the ideal stone to retain heat without burning the skin. The heat is perfect for relaxing the muscles and stimulating blood circulation. The cold stones will be made of marble. The cooling stone will calm any irritation you may have as well as reawaking your nervous system. This type of massage is great for insomnia, cellulite and varicose veins.

Mud massage

It's yucky, but it's so good for you. If you want a massage that is going to get rid of the impurities and unwanted oils in your skin, this is the massage for you. You can have either a body or face mud mask or go for the full body. Mud works best on the body when it is applied warm. This will open up the pores and let the active ingredients penetrate your skin. If you are looking for the best muddy beauty supply, find a mud massage that uses mud straight from the Dead Sea. This is the best type of mud for you.

Honey / olive oil treatment

Both of these treatments are really beneficial for dry skin. Honey will help to regenerate the cells and olive oil is rich in vitamin E that acts as a barrier between you and the pollutants you come into contact with everyday.

This is just a quick overview of the types of beauty supply treatments and massages you can expect from a day spa. Hurry along to the rest of our site where we have lots more information on different types of beauty treatments that are going to have you looking great and feeling relaxed.